Dusk and Dawn on Cheongwansan


Cheongwansan means "Crown Mountain". I look at it everyday; its rocky crags overlook the town of Daedeok and my home. The peak elevation is 723m (2,241ft). Here are a few shots of a great sunset and sunrise from the top of this precipice.

Chinese characters carved into the rock

The magnificent view from the top of Nine Dragon Rock.

My good friend Jeanette "LeRoodles" relaxing and watching the sunset. This rock is known as "Nine Dragon Rock" because of as the legend goes, nine dragons landed on this rock and left their foot prints in the stone. You can see one of the deep footprints here just below Jeanette.

The sun falls behind a smokey curtain. This time of year, the farmers of Jeollanamdo burn the excess material in their fields to prepare for the new growing season.

This is a long exposure of the clouds forming.